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Our 1V LSD products

We offer our legal LSD derivative in 3 different varieties. For example, we have the 10ug pellets (microdosing) on this product contain 10ug of the active ingredient. Then we have the 150ug Blotter (Normaldosing), where the active ingredient is always 150ug. These can be purchased in quantities from 2 to 200. Our largest product line is the 225ug pellets (extradosing), with one active ingredient from 225ug. Here you can purchase all quantities from 2 to 100 copies.

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Order 1V LSD derivative legally

1V LSD is a research chemical. The active substance is not listed as questionable in the Narcotics Act (BtMG), in the Drugs Act (AMG) or in the New Psychoactive Substances Act (NPSG). Our products are NOT for human consumption, they are for research use ONLY. Minimum age 18 years!

Buy 1CP LSD?

We have the successor product!

The sale of 1CP LSD has not been permitted since summer 2021. Unfortunately, we cannot change anything about the legal provisions. This also applies to the manufacturers, but they have reacted differently. The successor product is called 1V LSD. It is completely legally available from us. The reason lies in the changed molecular chains, nothing has changed in terms of effectiveness. The chemical redesign makes it possible to temporarily bypass law enforcement requirements. It remains to be seen how long they will not have the material on their radar screens. Better stock up on 1V LSD.

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  • Reliable and very good service
    Despite multiple server failures, the delivery was on time and support was offered quickly and friendly via Whatsapp. You will continue to be my first point of contact if I order something again :)


    Sven (5/5)
  • Just AWESOME!
    Despite the server failure, I received my goods, even though I was totally skeptical at first. I can tell you, the shop is 100% recommendable. Great service, excellent quality and simply super friendly and competent employees. Rarely seen such courteous service in Germany.


    Lydia P. (5/5)
  • Very good customer service!
    Due to my own fault, my first delivery couldn't be delivered (my name wasn't on the mailbox). As soon as I discovered the error, I contacted customer service immediately, and I got a call back on the same day. Despite my own fault, I did not have to pay the shipping costs twice, the second delivery was sent out to me immediately, although the first (which could not be delivered) did not even arrive back at the 1V-LSD shop. Competent and courteous customer service, very easy to reach both by e-mail and by telegram! You are definitely in good hands here!


    Sky Laura (5/5)
  • Everything is great!
    Price, quality, delivery and service 1A. No criticism whatsoever. As long as it's legal, you're welcome. Recommend the pellets.


    Donar28 (5/5)
  • The journey can begin!
    I'm very excited, shipping was very fast. Bought 10x microdosing pellets, thanks for the stickers ♥


    Jan (5/5)
  • 1vlsd.net Shop
    Received the pellets, they are so super small!! Thank you, everything went wonderfully


    Karina S (5/5)
  • Autarkies
    You won't find anything negative at 1V-LSD Shop. My delivery came in the mail two days after ordering. Great and thanks for the stickers! Research going on soon :)


    Thomas B (5/5)
  • 1VLSD Shop
    I give it full marks!


    Chrstine (5/5)
  • Fast delivery
    Goods arrive faster than you think. It only took me 2 days. Great stuff, I'll be ordering again soon.


    TomGlo (5/5)
  • Keep it up!
    At the 1vlsdshop, everything works, from ordering to payment to shipping. I'm already looking forward to the next delivery. again.


    Grune2 (5/5)
  • As advertised! 😉
    Fast delivery and 1A goods at the best price!!! 🙏 Highly recommended!


    Toni (5/5)
  • 1VLSD
    I've already ordered 1V-LSD from other shops, but it just works best with you!


    Peter S. (5/5)